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Getting Compensation Beyond Workers’ Comp Attorney Beverly Hills

Although workers’ compensation benefits are intended to serve as the primary source of financial recovery for people injured at work, the workers’ comp system generally prohibits an employee from suing an employer for negligence resulting in a severe accident. At E&L, LLP, our investigation and presentation of complex injury claims against manufacturers of dangerous products give injured workers an alternative approach to accident compensation that covers a much broader range of damages.

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Need a Los Angeles industrial accident attorney?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an industrial accident or another serious workplace injury, it may be possible to seek compensation beyond workers’ compensation. To learn if our industrial injury lawyers can help with your case, call E&L, LLP, at (213) 213-0000. In many cases, we will be able to identify a defendant who can be held liable for your lost income, future treatment expenses, and pain and suffering, even while your workers’ compensation benefits application is pending or being paid.

Our experience in handling industrial accident claims

With a carefully limited caseload that allows us to work closely and intensively with our clients and a team of forensic professionals from many disciplines, we can investigate and present a claim for significant damages in industrial, construction, and other workplace accident claims.

Common claims include the following:

  • Burn injuries suffered in industrial explosions
  • Toxic chemical exposure injuries at refineries or factories
  • Electrical accidents involving unmarked or exposed high-voltage power boxes
  • Industrial machinery accidents involving punch presses, foodservice equipment, and more
  • Forklift injuries or other accidents suffered in warehouses, on loading docks, or at freight terminals
  • Falls from heights or stairwells in poorly maintained industrial or commercial buildings
  • Truck accidents suffered on the job by truck drivers or other commercial drivers

Helping Injured Industrial Workers

Our commitment to your success enables us to commit the forensic resources necessary to develop your claims to maximum effect at our own risk. In other words, just like our attorney’s fees, we recover the expenses we’ve advanced only when we settle or win your case.

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E&L, LLP, has cultivated attorneys who are prepared to represent plaintiffs in complex personal injury, product liability, and car accident cases. If you have questions about your rights and options following an automobile defect, our team is readily available to help.

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