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Swimming pools are part of our lives in California, especially inland from the coast where the weather gets hot and residents don’t have easy access to ocean breezes. Sadly, swimming pools can also be deadly.

Drowning and near-drowning incidents, as well as serious slip-and-fall accidents, happen all too frequently. Sometimes an accident at a swimming pool is just that: an accident. However, other times, the incident may have been preventable. In such cases, questions may be raised about the victim’s or the family’s legal right to seek financial compensation from the person or people responsible for the accident.

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We have access to the necessary resources to investigate and litigate complicated personal injury and wrongful death cases, including drowning incidents at swimming pools, in hot tubs, and at public and private beaches.

We can help with all types of swimming, diving, pool safety & beach accidents:

  • Drowning or catastrophic injury due to unsafe pool drains
  • Slip-and-fall injuries caused by unsafe surfaces around pools or by lack of proper supervision
  • Drowning deaths due to lack of proper supervision or lack of safety and rescue equipment
  • Serious injury to a child due to lack of child safety alarms, pool covers, or proper barriers around a pool
  • Drowning deaths caused by “boating while drunk” or other boating accidents
  • Swimming pool and diving board accidents that result in major head trauma or spinal cord injury

Preventing Drowning Accidents

In 2010, 1,000+ children in the United States died from unintentional drowning, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More children aged 1-4 die from drowning than any other cause, except birth defects. What is particularly troubling about these incidents is that they are largely preventable.

The CDC offers the following four prevention tips to protect children from drowning:

  • Always be on the lookout.
    Supervision is perhaps the most important aspect of water safety. Caregivers should never leave children unattended while swimming or playing near the water, even children who know how to swim. Closely supervise children at all times and remain within reaching distance, even if a lifeguard is present. Avoid distractions that may take your attention from your child, such as cell phones, alcohol, reading, etc.
  • Get educated.
    Adults and children should learn to swim, particularly if they have a swimming pool or other water source on or near their property. Parents should also learn CPR so they can respond if an accident does occur.
  • Fence off pools.
    Parents and others who have pools or other water sources on their properties should take the necessary steps to fence these areas off. Childproof fencing can help prevent children from accessing a pool in the first place, without adult supervision. Even when fences are installed, however, remember that children should still be supervised in case they find a way in or around the fence.
  • Insist on life jacket use.
    While on natural water sources, it is important to insist that children wear life jackets. Even if they know how to swim, life jackets can help prevent drowning in the event of a fall overboard or other accident.

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You can also talk to a personal injury lawyer at E&L, LLP, about your legal options if your child was injured or killed in a water-related accident. In some cases, these can be traced to defective pool covers, drains, fences, or other products or to negligent supervision on the part of lifeguards or other caregivers.

By taking legal action against negligent parties, you can increase awareness of the danger of swimming pool accidents and can pursue financial compensation that may help you with medical expenses and other losses or injuries.

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