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At E&L, LLP, our whistleblowing lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of employees who have been retaliated against in the workplace after reporting or refusing to participate in an employer’s misconduct. Our employment law attorneys believe employees who are brave enough to report fraud or other illegal activities in the workplace deserve to be protected from retaliation, and so do our lawmakers.

Both California and federal laws are designed to protect these employees, no matter their role in the company, or their industry or sector they are employed in, and our skilled whistleblower lawyer will ensure their rights are protected as we pursue their claim against the employer that retaliated against them.

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How is a Whistleblower Defined in California?

In California, and throughout the U.S. a whistleblower is a person who is typically an employee of a private, public, or government organization who exposes information or activity within their workforce that is deemed illegal, illicit, unsafe, or waste, fraud, or abuse of taxpayer funds.

When is Whistleblowing a Protected Act in California?

California employees are protected when they report a violation to certain individuals or entities when they reasonably believe that their employer has engaged in wrongdoing. That includes reporting misconduct to:

  • A supervisor
  • A corporate employee whose job involves investigating or correcting the violation
  • A government agency that regulates the employer’s business
  • A law enforcement agency

Whistleblowers also receive legal protection when they refuse an employer’s orders to participate in unlawful activity, or when they provide information or testify during an investigation into their findings.

If you have reported unlawful activity taking place inside your employment and have been retaliated against as a result, contact our experienced whistleblower attorneys today to ensure your rights are protected going forward.

What are the Most Common Types of Whistleblowing in California?

When an employee reports any violation of a state or federal law or regulation to an appropriate authority, it can be considered whistleblowing.

Some of the most common examples of whistleblowing include reporting:

  • Accounting fraud
  • Falsified test results to meet performance standards
  • Fraudulent statements made in corporate tax returns
  • Fraudulent billing
  • Gender-based disparities in employee compensation
  • Manufacturing or selling products that fail to meet safety standards
  • Violations of environmental regulations
  • Violations of OSHA standards or other health and safety regulations
  • Wage and hour violations (such as a failure to pay required overtime)
  • Workplace discrimination and harassment

Refusing to participate in illegal conduct is also conduct protected by whistleblowing laws. If you believe your rights have been violated and would like to ensure you are taking the proper steps to protect yourself from retaliation, contact our experienced employment law attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

Which State or Federal Laws Protect Whistleblowers in California?

Our California Labor Code prohibits employers from retaliating against whistleblowers for disclosing information to a supervisor or other person with authority when he or she has reasonable cause to believe that the information discloses a violation of state or federal statute. There are innumerable ways employees can report workplace violations, and they should never feel intimidated to do so, as their decision to do so often serves the greater good.

Many state and federal whistleblower cases have included violations in:

  • Workplace safety
  • Product safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Fraudulent statements made to corporate shareholders

You should never be afraid to report wrongdoing in the workplace because you fear retaliation from your employer. If you are, we can help protect your rights today and going forward, so you can move forward with confidence.

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If you have been retaliated against for reporting workplace violations to your employer, or at a state or federal level — including being demoted or fired for your report — you may be eligible to file a claim for lost pay, reinstatement, damages for loss of reputation, and even punitive damages even if a government investigation discloses no wrongdoing, provided that the whistleblower reasonably believed they were reporting actual misconduct at the time the report was made.

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