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At E&L, LLP, our sexual discrimination lawyers protect the rights of all employees who are being discriminated against in employment and opportunity because of their sex.

Gender discrimination describes any situation where employees are treated differently simply because they are male or female, rather than based on their individual skills or capabilities. Our California and federal anti-discrimination laws forbid gender discrimination during any aspect of employment, including hiring, training, job assignments, pay, promotions, fringe benefits, layoff, firing, or any other term or condition of employment.

If you believe you have been sexually discriminated against at work, contact our experienced gender discrimination lawyers today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your treatment, and how you can hold your employer responsible for their unlawful behavior.

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What is the Difference Between Gender and Sex Discrimination in California?

Although closely tied, gender discrimination and sex discrimination have two separate meanings.

Sex refers to a person being genetically male or female. Gender refers to the sex an individual identifies with. Discriminating against any employee for their sex or gender identification is equally unlawful and should be pursued with the help of an experienced employment law attorney.

What Are the Most Common Types of Sex Discrimination in California?

Sexual discrimination is common at many levels of the employment process. Some sexual discrimination behaviors are easier to identify than others, as not all workplaces are embracing gender equality as quickly and effectively as others.

Some of the more common examples of sex discrimination at work include:

  • Different interview questions for men and women
  • Different job responsibilities based on sex
  • Gender-specific dress codes
  • Unequal pay despite having the same position and status
  • Lack of advancement opportunities without sex or gender playing a role in their promotion

If you are suffering from sexual discrimination in the workplace, contact our experienced employment law attorneys to learn more about what rises to the level of unlawful behavior, so we can help you hold the offending party liable for the damages you are entitled to.

Does Sexual or Gender Discrimination Require a Person to Be Sexually Harassed to Be Enforced in California?

While it is unlawful to harass an individual because of their gender, workplace harassment does not have to be of a sexual nature but can include offensive remarks about a person’s sex. For example, it is illegal to harass a woman by making offensive comments about women in general. To rise to the level of unlawful harassment, the conduct must be so frequent or severe that it results in an adverse employment decision which could include being demoted or fired — or when it creates a hostile or offensive work environment. Both the harasser and the victim can be either male or female, or of the same sex, and in any role within the company including a co-worker, direct or indirect supervisor, or someone who is not an employee of the employer, like a client or vendor.

If you are being subjected to adverse employment actions that rise to the level of gender discrimination, contact our skilled employment law attorneys today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your circumstances and learn how we can help you pursue justice.

What is Considered Sexual Discrimination Adverse Employment Actions in California?

Our California and Federal employment laws do not prohibit offhand comments, simple teasing, or isolated incidents that are not of a serious nature in the workplace. Simply put, telling terrible jokes is not a crime. However, it is unlawful for any employer to take adverse employment actions based on an employee’s sex or gender identification.

Those actions include employment decision that materially affects the terms and conditions of employment, like:

  • Constructive discharge
  • Demotion, transfer, or unfavorable job assignment
  • Denying promotion or advancement
  • Failure to interview or hire
  • Reduction in pay
  • Termination or firing

If you have been discriminated against based solely on gender, we want to hear your story, so we can build a case against the person, people, or company that violated your employment rights, so you can seek the proper damages for your unique case.

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