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Employment Agreements

At E&L, LLP, our employment contract lawyers in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles understand how exciting it is to take on a new position that our clients have worked so hard to obtain.

Many of these opportunities require employees to sign a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of their employment agreement.

Like most contracts, the language in these agreements is derived from standards that deem it legally binding between the employee and employer. Simply put, they are not typically easy to read or understand.

Next, an employment contract may contain elements that you do not agree with but are not sure how to recognize as unreasonably impeding your employment rights and opportunities.

This is where our Los Angeles County employment contract attorneys can help.

Our senior employment law attorneys have been nominated as Super Lawyers — Rising Stars, an acknowledgment that places us in the top 2.5% of attorneys — that means 97.5% of other Southern California attorneys do not qualify.

That allows us to stand apart from other employment law attorneys by living up to the title and providing professional, personalized legal representation that allows our clients to pursue real results inside and outside the courtroom.

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What Can Be Included in a California Employment Agreement?

Employment agreements are often complex, especially when there are trade secrets or other intelligence involved.

All employment contracts are unique, and typically include legal language that covers the position’s expectations and the pay that comes with it.

An employment agreement may include some or all the following details:

  • General information about the position
  • Company policies for personal days, sick time, and vacation time
  • The employee’s compensation, including salary, healthcare benefits, stock, or stock options that may be purchased at a set price after a certain length of employment
  • A trade secrets or confidentiality agreement

Keep in mind, employment contracts should be negotiable. If your employer is putting up a fight or insisting on unfair or even illegal language, contact our experienced employment law attorneys right away.

If you are uncomfortable with or unsure of any of the language listed in your employment agreement, contact our skilled employment law attorneys in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles today to review the contract before you sign it, so your rights are protected going forward.

Can a California Employment Contract Contain a Non-Compete Agreement?

The general idea behind a non-compete agreement bound the employee to terms that stated he, she, or they could not work for an employer’s competitors or solicit customers from their employer’s client list after they leave the company — no matter how their employment ended.

According to the California Business and Professions Code, contracts that restrain employees from engaging in a lawful profession, trade, or business are unenforceable.

Despite our legal code, some California employers insist their employees sign non-compete agreements before taking a position within the company. If you have been asked to sign a non-compete agreement in California, do not assume it is unenforceable and blindly sign it without knowing all the facts.

This is especially true, and a more common occurrence when the employer is an out of state operation. If you are seeking employment with an out of state company while living in California, it may list a choice of law provision that allows the non-compete agreement to be construed in their state, which could make it enforceable.

Any employee who is asked to sign a non-compete agreement before taking a position should have an experienced employment contract attorney in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles today to ensure their rights are protected throughout their employment.

How is a Severance Agreement Different from a Non-Compete Agreement in California?

Severance agreements are quite different than non-compete agreements and are typically designed to release the employer from some type of liability after they and the employee part ways.

For instance, if an employer terminates an employee, they may construct a severance agreement that outlines the terms of their exit, which may include the details of the employees’ outgoing compensation package, or a non-disclosure agreement that keeps the details of their exit confidential.

Many severance agreement details are designed with the employer’s best interests in mind. That includes statements regarding the employee’s inability to pursue legal claims against the employer, which makes it all that more important to contact an experienced employment contract attorney in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles before signing, so you know exactly what is stated in the agreement before it becomes legally binding.

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If you have taken a position with a new employer or have been asked to sign an employment contract with an existing employer, do not sign anything you are not absolutely sure of without consulting with an employment law attorney first.

At E&L, LLP, our Beverly Hills & Los Angeles employment contracts attorneys will review the details of your agreement and provide the legal representation you need to make changes or avoid participation by calling (213) 213-0000 to schedule a free case evaluation and consultation today.

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