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When it comes to legal issues surrounding employment, it’s essential to consult with an experienced employment attorney. These professionals specialize in employment law and can provide guidance and representation on a wide range of workplace issues. For example, if an employee believes they have been the victim of workplace discrimination, a workplace discrimination attorney can advise them on their legal options. At E&L, LLP, our workplace discrimination lawyers will assist you in your case against your employer when it comes to discrimination case. Call us for a free consultation!

Workplace harassment is another common issue that employees may face. A workplace harassment lawyer can provide guidance and representation to employees who have experienced harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment. Sexual harassment attorneys are particularly well-versed in the laws and regulations surrounding this issue and can help clients navigate the legal process. At E&L, LLP, our sexual harassment lawyers will assist you in your case against your employer when it comes to harassment claims. Call us for a free consultation!

Labor attorneys specialize in representing labor unions, workers, and employers on matters related to labor law. They can provide guidance on collective bargaining, union organizing, and other labor-related issues. Wage and hour lawyers, on the other hand, specialize in representing clients in disputes related to unpaid wages, overtime pay, and other wage and hour violations. Wage and hour attorneys can help employees recover the compensation they are owed for their work. At E&L, LLP, our wage and hour lawyers will assist you in your case against your employer when it comes to unpaid minimum wage, overtime, and bonuses. Call us for a free consultation!

If an employer retaliates against an employee for filing a complaint or reporting workplace harassment or discrimination, the employee may want to consult with a workplace retaliation attorney. These attorneys can help employees understand their rights and options and can provide representation in legal proceedings. Similarly, employee rights attorneys can advise employees on their legal rights in the workplace and can help them take legal action when necessary. An employment law firm may have multiple attorneys specializing in different areas of employment law and can provide comprehensive legal services to clients. At E&L, LLP, our retaliation lawyers will assist you in your case against your employer when it comes to harassment claims. Call us for a free consultation!

If you are an employee, it is important to know your rights in the workplace. Employee rights lawyers can help you understand your legal protections under federal and state laws. Like so, disability discrimination attorneys, age discrimination lawyers, gender discrimination attorneys, race discrimination attorneys, and pregnancy discrimination attorneys can also help you if you believe that you have been the victim of discrimination based on a protected characteristic. Additionally, harassment attorneys can help you if you have experienced any form of harassment at work. Lastly, a wage and hour class action attorney can represent a group of employees who have similar wage and hour claims against a single employer. To find out more, contact our attorneys at E&L, LLP, for a free consultation!


Workers in California are entitled to an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination, and are entitled to their fair wages. When an employer infringes upon your rights, that is when you need to call and speak with our attorneys who can evaluate and guide you in your case. The call is free, and so is the consultation. With our No Fee Unless We Win Guarantee, you will not be charged until your case wins.

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