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David Lavi, Esq.

Founder and Managing Attorney

David represents employees who have been wrongfully terminated by their employers, and who have been stripped away from their hard-earned wages in wage and hour litigation. David handles all types of labor and employment matters, including discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour, medical and disability leave, pregnancy discrimination, prevailing wages, and wrongful termination.

As a strong believer that employers should be held accountable to their employees for their corporate growth, David as a trial litigator will pursue all remedies available to his clients.

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We take great pride in our ability to solve unique and complex problems for our clients with respect, responsiveness and results. Thinking that you have or might have a legal problem can be extremely daunting and overwhelming.

But you do not have face these problems on your own. You have a compassionate and empathetic advocate on your side.

At E & L LLP we establish a personal relationship with our clients and guide them through the legal process.

We strive to provide our clients with complete privacy and confidence, competent and experienced representation, and compassion and understanding throughout the entire process.

Arie Ebrahimian, Esq.

Founder and Managing Attorney

Arie advocates for individuals who have faced unjust termination by their employers, and employees experiencing the deprivation of their rightfully earned wages in wage and hour disputes. His expertise spans various labor and employment issues, encompassing discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour disputes, medical and disability leave, pregnancy discrimination, prevailing wages, and wrongful termination.

Firmly committed to ensuring that employers are held responsible for their corporate advancement, Arie, as a trial litigator, actively pursues every available remedy on behalf of his clients.

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Practice Areas


Employment law governs relations, covering contracts, wages, discrimination, termination, and safety to ensure fair treatment for both employers and employees. Key areas include hours, harassment, and collective bargaining.

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We understand the unique challenges that accompany personal injuries, and how they can change our clients’ lives without notice, leaving them physically, emotionally, and financially devastated.

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Client Stories

David Lavi has represented me and advised me on multiple matters in the past two years and thus far has proven to be brilliant on each case! I know that I can count on his ability to think outside of the box coupled with his extensive trial experience in a myriad of legal matters. He has successfully represented my close friends in a Personal Injury claim after a car accident. He has also represented another friend successfully in a child custody case. This guy is the real deal. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVID LAVI!!!! Thank you for everything!


It was wonderful to be able to work with Arie who showed genuine concern for my case and was efficient, informative and detailed in all aspects. He made the whole process easy and convenient and helped to instill confidence that my application would be successful, which is was. My sincere thanks to Arie for all his professional assistance on my behalf.

Great job by a great lawyer!

Mr. Ebrahimian is an attorney that I highly recommend, he answered all questions that I had about immigration laws and the legal process of dealing with visas by the U.S. Govt.' He is highly knowledgeable in his field of practice, and after seeing him, I left with a better piece of mind.

Reliable and dependable

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